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Automated Status Reports – so you never miss any important details

You can’t lead if you are too busy following. The less time you spend chasing down data, the more time you have for using that data to make better decisions. OnePlan status reporting means less time consolidating data and more time using visualizations that explain the leading indicators in your business – not the old news.

Key Features

OnePlan’s Status Reports help you, your stakeholders, and internal team stay honest about your work, process, budgets, and issues. 


Your organization may have more than one way of doing things – and multiple sources of business data. OnePlan reporting and analytics looks across methodologies and data sources to provide a complete picture.


Pursuing managers for status reports is not a good use of anyone’s time. OnePlan automation generates status when you decide. Workflows automate collaboration when different stakeholders should be consulted on approving content.


OnePlan snapshots your data so you can see patterns and trends over time – visualizations of what is likely to happen in the future. Reports can be shared in different media, enabling stakeholders to see data in their preferred format.

Status Reports Across Multiple Tools

Standardize Status Reporting Across Different Planning Tools & Methodologies

OnePlan’s Adaptive approach supports you in allowing different work methodologies and different sources of the truth, giving you dashboards and analytics that consolidate different work processes and systems.

Automate Report Schedules

Don’t spend your valuable time manually chasing down status reports; instead, set up a recurring schedule for reports to be run automatically, on a cadence of your choice

Automated Reports scaled
Status Report Workflow scaled

Approval Workflows

Some of your reports may be critical enough that they need an extra pair of eyes to complete them. Or perhaps you have multiple teams represented in one report. Set up your own workflows that automate the right sequence of approvers before reports are published.

Export to Word, PDF or Email

Microsoft Power Bi is our tool of choice for sharing interactive dashboards. But sometimes, you need to share information with stakeholders in certain formats. OnePlan gives you options for publishing data to suit your audience.

Export Status Reports
Status Report SnapShot

Snapshots and Trending

One challenge with traditional status reporting is understanding what has changed since the last report. Additionally, most reporting tells you what has happened, not what will happen in the future. With OnePlan, you can snapshot data periodically, seeing patterns in data build up over time. This enables visualizations of whether a project is likely to meet those budget targets or critical dates.

AI-Enabled Status Reports with OnePlan’s Sofia ChatGPT

AI Sofia GPT is an OpenAI chatbot that can help you automate the process of creating and communicating status reports. By integrating Sofia GPT with OnePlan, you can easily generate status reports and share them with stakeholders using natural language.

Sofia GPT for Status Report Communication in OnePlan offers a powerful set of AI capabilities to help you streamline your status report communication process and ensure that stakeholders are informed and engaged. Whether you’re a Project Manager, Program Manager, or Portfolio Manager, Sofia GPT for Status Report Communication in OnePlan AI can help you save time and effort, enhance stakeholder communication, and improve project outcomes.

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