Azure DevOps for Scaled Agile using OnePlan Demo

Product Demo

Watch this demo video to learn how OnePlan can extend Azure DevOps into a Scale Agile Solution

Universal Work Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365


When you look across an organization, there is one similarity across all teams – they all have work to manage. Work management encompasses all the activities needed to maintain a productive workforce. In many cases, the resource managers that are managing a team’s work are often missing visibility into all the activities that impacts their […]

Streamlining Project Intake and Prioritization with Project Online


It’s all too common – organization approve more projects than can be delivered leaving the teams over utilized and behind schedule. Take an active role to stop the ever growing list of backlogged projects and start focusing on only approving projects that align with strategic goals and resource capacity to avoid portfolio waste. By taking […]

Microsoft Hybrid PPM – When your Teams are Agile, But Leadership Thinks Waterfall


More and more organizations are adopting Agile approaches to software and product development; however, most do not move completely to Agile for all their projects. Different stages of Agile maturity/transformation, and Waterfall thinking by executives create the need for a hybrid or bimodal Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. Come learn how Project Online with […]

Agile PPM with Azure DevOps


With Scrum Agile project methods dominating work management, organizations require practical methods for achieving agile project portfolio management. The growth of Scrum Agile beyond IT and software development also places more pressure on Portfolio and Program Managers to consolidate all Agile work in the organization. For agile portfolio management, it does not matter the level […]

How do I use the OnePlan Resource Plan?

How To

This video shows how the Resource Planner works and how to use it. Topics include: Resource Plan terminology & navigation Menu options How to build a resource plan With and without negotiations

How do I use the OnePlan Financial Plan?

How To

This video shows how the OnePlan Financial Planner works and how to use it. Topics include: Financial Plan terminology & navigation Menu options How to build a plan How to import How to export How to copy cost types