Maintaining the status quo with portfolio management often leads to a failure to deliver expected outcomes.  Leaders should remain current on portfolio management trends and evolving best practices and evaluate how well they are applying them.  When gaps are identified, action plans should be developed to mitigate them.

Today, organizations continue to balance ever-increasing demand for initiatives versus rigid budgets and resource capacity.  This results in over committing and under-delivering to customers and stakeholders.  Agile and Lean approaches are also moving efforts to more continuous delivery models. Balancing this while maintaining smooth operations and business performance is yet another challenge.

A lack of integrated and adaptive portfolio management, spanning a variety of business practices, compounds these challenges.  Limited visibility can lead to missed opportunities and sub-optimal performance.

Gartner has identified six key practices that are essential to the success of portfolio management practices.

Join this webinar as we explore and demonstrate:

• Today’s portfolio management challenges and trends
• Gartner’s key practices for effective portfolio management
• How OnePlan and Microsoft are helping customers realize portfolio management benefits
• Demonstration of OnePlan adaptive portfolio management solution to enable and automate best practices
• Things to consider and actions customers can take today to plan for the future
• How OnePlan Solutions has helped other customers and can help you move forward