With the recent announcement by Microsoft in Ignite 2020 of the Microsoft Project Solution Accelerator, Project for the web and PowerApps provide the foundation for a program and portfolio inventory of all projects in an organization. For a complete Portfolio Management solution in PowerApps, additional capabilities are required for portfolio, resource, and cost management. With OnePlan, an organization can accelerate to a complete Portfolio Management solution in PowerApps immediately. This webinar will show how OnePlan complements the Modern Project Solution Accelerator, providing key capabilities in portfolio prioritization, resource capacity planning, and budget and cost tracking. Additional capabilities for integration, reporting, and adaptive planning make OnePlan even a more compelling add-on to the Modern Project Solution Accelerator. Join us to understand how to shorten your time to value in Portfolio Management by leveraging OnePlan to deploy a complete Portfolio Management capability in PowerApps.

This webinar will include, among others, the following talking points:

  • Modern Project Accelerator Solution as a foundation
  • Portfolio Management Required Capabilities
  • OnePlan for the Modern Project Accelerator Solution Accelerator
  • Benefits from OnePlan and the Modern Project Solution Accelerator