The rapid emergence of Generative AI (GenAI) presents a transformative challenge and opportunity for strategic portfolio leaders. This webinar delves into how GenAI is reshaping the landscape of strategic planning and execution. As GenAI technology infiltrates the workplace, it introduces substantial knowledge and skills gaps that can hinder the efficiency of strategic portfolio management (SPM) if not promptly addressed.

The webinar will explore four key impacts of GenAI on SPM:

  • The creation of knowledge and skills gaps, the inundation of portfolio demand pipelines with new investment ideas,
  • The necessity for strategic partnerships to acquire valuable data, and significant shifts in roles and responsibilities within SPM teams.

To navigate these changes, strategic portfolio leaders must proactively adapt by closing GenAI knowledge gaps, redefining portfolio management processes, securing critical data partnerships, and revising the roles and responsibilities within their teams.

Participants will gain insights into practical strategies for leveraging GenAI to enhance strategic planning and execution. This includes training staff to exploit GenAI for SPM efficiencies, creating processes to manage GenAI-related portfolio demands, identifying essential data sources for GenAI optimization, and continually updating the responsibilities of key SPM positions.

Join us to learn how to effectively integrate GenAI into your strategic portfolio management lifecycle, ensuring your team remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.