The key to creating value from managing work in your organization is to further leverage Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to plan and track all types of work. As your core enterprise productivity platform, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams is the central hub for all enterprise work and collaboration for all internal and external users. In this webinar, we will discuss the common uses of Office 365 and the areas in which Microsoft Teams is underutilized. We will demonstrate how you can generate significantly more value by leveraging the Office 365 platform for Project, Portfolio and Work management; therefore, accelerating Office 365 and Microsoft Teams value with Hybrid Project Portfolio Management! with very little additional investment in your existing Office 365 environment you can benefit from integrated work planning and tracking, detailed budget and cost management, resource capacity management and overall work management reporting and dashboards.

These key Office 365 & SharePoint Project Management capabilities will be demonstrated in this webinar.

  • View and prioritize project investments and monitor overall project portfolio performance to ensure that you are achieving your investment objectives
  • Connecting OnePlan with Microsoft ProjectMicrosoft PlannerAzure DevOpsJira, and more for a complete view into all work across the enterprise.
  • Plan and coordinate resource workload to ensure proper placement, expertise, and efficiency
  • View and update all “my” tasks and responsibilities across all project work items from a single view
  • OnePlan provides best practices configurations and templates to get your solution up and running quickly

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