At the recent Microsoft Ignite 2023 conference, Microsoft unveiled a groundbreaking strategy that will redefine collaborative work management. The plan involves integrating Microsoft’s key planning tools, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Project for the web into a unified experience called “Microsoft Planner.”

What does this new strategy from Microsoft mean for current users? Join us and learn how best to take advantage of this announcement while gaining a clear path on how to elevate the current state of Microsoft Planner from a basic task manager to a comprehensive tool for Enterprise Work Management using OnePlan. Learn how OnePlan’s integration with Microsoft Planner allows for strategic alignment with business goals through advanced features like strategic planning, portfolio management, financial management, and more!

What you gain:

  • Remove Uncertainty: Be among the first to understand and leverage these groundbreaking changes in your organization.
  • Immediate Organizational Impact: Gain insights into the practical application and immediate benefits for your organization.
  • AI-Enhanced Efficiency: Learn about the AI copilot feature in Microsoft Planner, which is designed to optimize planning and task management.
  • OnePlan Integration: Understand OnePlan’s role in elevating Microsoft Planner for strategic Enterprise Work Management.