According to the latest State of Agile survey, 94% of today’s organizations are practicing Agile, but 80% are practicing at a below “still maturing” level. While process arguments continue and Agile is now preferred, there is still a long road ahead for the early adopter practitioners.

If you are planning and tracking work in a complex domain, like software and product development, best practices dictate using an empirical process and leveraging shorter feedback cycles. Scrum is an easy-to-understand Agile framework that many teams use to manage their complex work. Azure DevOps supports Scrum out of the box. Regardless of the type of development, technology, or platform you are building, Team Services can manage your backlogs, boards, sprints, and releases.

In addition, top down planning is still a requirement for Product Owners and Scrum Masters. All of this work, must be visible within your portfolio so all work can be managed within a single location. In many cases, most of the work across an organization is housed in multiple tools depending on the work type. Learn how you can manage all software and product development work within Azure DevOps and leverage OnePlan to bring all that work together in one environment for a complete Agile Portfolio Management solution.

Join us as we show you how to manage all your Agile projects in Azure DevOps while removing the challenge of silo’d work across your organization and product teams.