Market surveys by Gartner indicate that EPMOs and senior leadership are increasingly embracing the proliferation of multiple project and work management tools across the enterprise. The need to integrate these tools and provide combined visibility and reporting to support decision making is critical. Aggregating data from multiple sources, and presenting it in a meaningful format is still a highly manual exercise for most organizations today. Solutions that support this Adaptive Project Management approach are needed to integrate the variety of tools, methods and processes. The time has come to explore and embrace new approaches and solutions to tackle these challenges.

This webinar will cover:

  • Modern project and work management trends
  • Adaptive Project Management concepts
  • Top-down, strategic planning aligned with bottoms-up execution
  • Integrating multiple project and work management tools
  • End-to-end process from initial demand through execution
  • Scenario-modeling to assess alternatives in response to changing conditions
  • Dynamic and automated reporting and analytics
  • Benefits of moving to more Adaptive Project Management approaches