OnePlan is proud to be recognized in the recent Gartner report on real-life customer experiences implementing and operating Strategic Portfolio Management solutions. The report, which analyzes qualified peer reviews, is designed to provide decision-makers with feedback that can help them select the right solution for their needs.

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OnePlan’s inclusion in this report is a testament to the company’s mission of revolutionizing the way organizations plan and manage their portfolios of initiatives. Customers using OnePlan’s AI-enabled Strategic Portfolio Management platform are able to make better-informed decisions, optimize resources, and achieve outstanding business outcomes. Indeed, Gartner’s research echoes customer stories from over 500 companies around the globe who all look to OnePlan as a trusted partner invested in their success. 

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The OnePlan platform offers enterprises a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to help them streamline and align strategic portfolio planning, financial forecasting, resource allocation, and project management across the entire organization. By providing our customers unparalleled visibility and control over their portfolios, we enable them to execute their strategies with agility and drive long-term success. 

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Commenting on this latest accomplishment, OnePlan CEO Joe Larscheid added, “Inclusion of OnePlan in Gartner’s Voice-of-the-Customer report is a testament to the value OnePlan’s AI-enabled Strategic Portfolio Management platform brings to our customers. We’re of course excited to be included in this research, but we’re most proud that recognition like this is simply a natural by-product of the continuous innovation of our platform, innovation that is expanding our customer base and ultimately delivering increased value for our clients.