Stylish Success: Ross Stores’ IT PMO Journey with OnePlan

Headquarters: Dublin, California

Industry: Retail

Website: Ross Stores

Previous Solution: Oracle PPM

Top Challenges

Siloed operations within its IT portfolio, as each department operated independently, leading to a lack of transparency, collaboration, governance and effective problem-solving.

Why OnePlan: Tailored flexibility with user-friendly interface to standardize processes and enforce governance with robust reporting.

Departments: IT, Project Management Office (PMO)

Feature Highlight
  • Schedule Management in Work Planner 
  • Centralized document repositories 
  • Custom workflows & governance  
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft cloud technologies 
  • Enterprise grade security 

Ross Stores Inc., encompassing Ross Dress for Less and DDS Discounts, operates as a prominent player in the retail industry. Headquartered in Dublin, California, the company places a strong emphasis on its Information Technology (IT) department, viewing it as a strategic thought partner integral to business decisions. Unlike some companies where IT operates as a separate entity, Ross IT is deeply involved in strategic decision-making, working hand in hand with business units. 

Ramya Thattai, a senior manager overseeing the PMO team and operations, shares insights into Ross’ journey to optimize its portfolio management processes.

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Challenges Faced

Since 2016, with the implementation of a PPM tool then, Ross IT confronted challenges related to related to siloed operations within its IT portfolio. Each department, or portfolio as referred to internally, operated independently, resulting in a lack of transparency and collaboration. This siloed approach hindered the organization’s ability to identify and address project issues effectively, leading to inefficiencies and cultural barriers. 

The Search for a Solution

Recognizing the need for a robust Portfolio Project Management (PPM) tool, Ross implemented its first cloud-based Oracle PPM solution. However, this initial tool failed to gain traction, with only a 15-20% adoption rate by the IT departments.

In response to these challenges, Ross’s new Chief Information Officer (CIO) aimed to foster transparency and cross-functional collaboration across the organization. In 2019, as the time came to retire the underperforming tool, Ramya Thattai led the search for a next-generation PPM solution. This quest led Ramya and her Ross team, to OnePlan.

OnePlan stood out for its flexibility, allowing Ross to tailor the solution to its specific needs and preferences. This customization, combined with the platform’s value for money, made it a compelling choice for the organization. The integration with Power BI and other Microsoft tools further enhanced its appeal.

Benefits Realized

The adoption of OnePlan at Ross yielded several key benefits:

Standardization and Workflow Efficiency

OnePlan enabled Ross to establish standardized workflows, addressing the issue of non-standardized practices within the IT departments. This streamlined approach allowed for the creation of a centralized document repository, enhancing document management and project tracking.

“OnePlan has helped us tremendously by enabling workflows and the creation of a reference library. It has brought standardization to our processes, providing a structured area for saving completed projects for future reference.” Ramya shared.

Enhanced Reporting and Governance

OnePlan’s robust reporting capabilities, including aging reports, provided the Ross IT PMO with real-time insights into project statuses and potential bottlenecks. The ability to generate reports for leadership and portfolio heads enabled proactive decision-making and improved governance. 

Ramya stated “OnePlan has been a major success for us, as it ensures every project complies with our pillars of compliance and gateways.  This newfound governance, facilitated by OnePlan, has been crucial for establishing our PMO. Through the built-in workflows, projects cannot bypass these crucial steps; they either meet the standards or request exceptions. This level of visibility, consolidated in OnePlan, has been invaluable for our PMO operations. The reports provided are essential in justifying our data-driven decisions.”

Increased Collaboration, Engagement & Adoption

The Ross team was impressed with OnePlan’s user interface design, particularly the sleek and clean look compared to competitors. Ramya shared the team’s perspective from a user experience:  “We’re all about aesthetics, and OnePlan delivers a sleek and clean look that speaks volumes. Many other products we’ve seen either lack excitement or are overly busy. For me and the team, OnePlan strikes the perfect balance, and that’s what we liked about it.”

With a seamless integration with Office 365 tools, particularly Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, OnePlan also facilitated increased adoption and utilization of collaboration tools within Ross. Project teams could access standardized STLC folders within team sites, ensuring all necessary documents and tools were readily available. 


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The implementation of OnePlan transformed Ross’s IT portfolio management, addressing critical challenges and fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration. The platform’s user-friendly interface, customization options, and seamless integration with Office 365 tools significantly enhanced operational efficiency and governance.

Through the success of this partnership, Ramya Tetai and the Ross IT PMO have not only optimized their portfolio management practices but also become advocates for OnePlan within and beyond Ross. As they continue their journey with OnePlan, they look forward to further innovations and enhancements that will drive continued success in their portfolio management endeavors.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, Ross anticipates expanding the usage of OnePlan across additional business units. With a focus on tailored demonstrations and continuous improvement, Ross is poised to achieve even greater efficiencies and collaboration through its partnership with OnePlan.