On October 1, 2020, OnePlan Solutions is proud to formally announce a spin-off from Wicresoft. This establishes OnePlan as a best-in-class, stand-alone company with a distinct business model. Providing enterprise class project, portfolio management software and services with an increased market focus will provide even more value to our customers.

OnePlan products and services have been extraordinarily successful with high growth trajectory over the past four years. During it’s tenure as Wicresoft, the OnePlan business units established themselves as a global industry leader with talented professionals, outstanding differentiated technology/IP and a global enterprise customer base. As the business evolved, the OnePlan business model became increasingly different from other Wicresoft business units requiring increasingly different operating disciplines and expertise.

As a new entity headquartered in the USA, OnePlan Solutions will focus its operations on its global customers across regions including USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. OnePlan Solutions provides software and professional services to Microsoft enterprise customers, for managing their work portfolios of projects, products, and services.

Says OnePlan CEO Joe Larscheid:

“The OnePlan Solutions spin-off makes our value proposition even more compelling for our existing and future customers. It creates a company with a singular focus of providing world-class leading software and services. We will be even more dedicated to our partnership with Microsoft, and evolve our OnePlan technology and services offerings in alignment with Microsoft’s vision for the future of work. Our business continues to grow, even during the current economic disruption. Our strength has been to provide customers with the business agility solutions and services they need to succeed in the modern economy: visibility, flexibility and speed to market. The OnePlan Solutions team is excited to continue delivering value to our customers and we now have the flexibility to take things up a level.”