SOL-MILLENNIUM’s Vision for a Healthier Tomorrow with OnePlan  

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Medical Device


Previous Solution: Microsoft Project 

Top Challenges

Disparate & disconnected project management tools, lack of clear structure in project information, and unclear prioritization, as the company aimed to align its digital transformation journey with strategic goals across different regions.

Why OnePlan: Customizable features provide a versatile solution for SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group, enabling tailored project and portfolio analysis to align with strategic objectives and foster a project management culture.

Departments: Global Research & Development (R&D), Project Management Office (PMO)

Feature Highlight
  • Portfolio Prioritization  
  • Standardized templates to streamline project initiation & project manager onboarding 
  • Auditing capabilities for compliance & governance 
  • Notifications to enhance collaboration 


SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group is a global health company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment. With a mission to create a healthier tomorrow, SOL-MILLENNIUM has demonstrated unwavering dedication to excellence.  

Ruidan Li from Sol-Millennium’s Swiss R&D division, a vital member of the Project Management team led by Yvonne Hong shares insights into SOL-MILLENNIUM’s digital transformation journey, aiming to align execution with strategic goals.  

The organization recently demonstrated its unwavering dedication to excellence at the OnePlan 2024 Annual Customer Conference held in San Diego, California. Among the many esteemed customers from around the globe, Sol-Millennium highlighted itself as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. 

Leading the charge was Ruidan Li from Sol-Millennium’s Swiss R&D division, delivered a captivating presentation that introduced attendees to Sol-Millennium’s innovative ethos, showcased the collaborative journey with OnePlan PPM Software, and illuminated success stories in project management. 

Notably, DARIO DE ZOLT, VP of Global R&D and Project Management, played a pivotal role in enhancing the conference’s impact. His insights and leadership helped the team present Sol-Millennium’s vision and commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical device development and service provision. 

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Challenges Faced by SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group: 

Before the implementation of OnePlan, SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group encountered several challenges in portfolio and project management across different regions. The company was in the formalization phase of its digital transformation journey, aiming to align execution with strategic goals. However, the organization faced challenges such as: 

  • Tool Competition: Different regions and departments used various tools for portfolio and project management, leading to inefficiencies and communication gaps. 
  • Lack of Clear Structure: The abundance of project information lacked a clear organizational structure, resulting in low transparency and overlapping work. 
  • Unclear Prioritization: The prioritization of projects was not well-defined, leading to difficulties in resource allocation and strategic decision-making. 
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      Benefits of Implementing OnePlan: 

      OnePlan offered a long-term development approach, becoming an integral part of the organization’s project management culture.  The OnePlan software serves as a versatile solution, offering customization features that address a wide range of challenges. Its plan fields and customization options enable SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group to tailor projects and portfolio analysis to their specific needs. This adaptability fosters a project management culture aligned with their strategic goals, creating a comprehensive solution for various operational needs. 

      With the adoption of OnePlan, SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group saw significant improvements: 

      • Clear Project Structure: Project tabs were organized, providing a clear overview of ongoing activities and the big picture. 
      • Improved Control: Project managers gained better control over project scope, schedules, and resources, reducing overlapping work and reacting better to dynamic changes.
      • Prioritization Framework: A prioritization score and ranking system were established within the portfolio, facilitating informed decision-making.
      • Enhanced Efficiency: The organization became more organized, communication improved, and overall efficiency and compliance with processes and strategies increased.  

      Being the first to adopt OnePlan, SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group has become a pioneer in project management, inspiring other teams to follow suit. 

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