Headquarters: Houstin, Texas

Industry: Energy

Website: http://www.championx.com

Previous Solution: Disparate “homegrown” (or custom) legacy tools, Excel 

Top Challenges

Siloed operations within its IT portfolio, as each department operated independently, leading to a lack of transparency, collaboration, governance and effective problem-solving

Why OnePlan: It’s scalability and global reach, ability to accommodate varying project methodologies, resource & financial management capabilities and ideation features

Departments: Innovation (Marketing Technology Department), Supply Chain & Continuous Improvement

Feature Highlight
  • Centralized Portfolio Management  
  • Custom workflows & templates  
  • Intuitive, at-a-glance dashboards 
  • Flexibility and ease of configuration 
  • Schedule Management 
  • Financial Management 
  • OnePlan Advantage 

ChampionX is a global leader in chemistry solutions, artificial lift systems, and highly engineered equipment and technologies that help companies drill for and produce oil and gas safely, efficiently, and sustainably around the world. ChampionX’s expertise, innovative products, and digital technologies provide enhanced oil and gas production, transportation, and real-time emissions monitoring throughout the lifecycle of a well. 

Linda Haddon, Innovation Program Manager at Champion X shares insights into their successful utilization of the OnePlan solution for managing their innovation portfolio of products and various project portfolios. 


State of the Business 

When Champion X was undergoing a significant spin merge, the need for a new, unified tool became apparent. This transition not only demanded a new solution for the emerging company but also offered an opportunity to assess and leverage tools for diverse global project portfolios. 

Champion X faced challenges stemming from disparate legacy tools and varying levels of tool adoption. This decentralized approach led to concerns about data integrity and hindered the ability to make informed business decisions. 

Why OnePlan 

OnePlan provided a singular source of truth for Champion X, consolidating multiple project portfolios into one comprehensive database. This allowed them to extract valuable insights for strategic decision-making, blending project data with financials seamlessly. 

What sets OnePlan apart for Champion X is its scalability and global reach, accommodating diverse project methodologies and resource needs. The platform supports the entire project lifecycle, from ideation to execution, aligning with Champion X’s innovation goals. 


Success Metrics & Benefits Realized 

Since implementing OnePlan, Champion X has seen marked improvements in project discipline. By centralizing project data and insights, they’ve elevated their governance and project management practices significantly.  

Centralized Source of Truth:  OnePlan serves as a unified hub for all project portfolios, offering Champion X a single, reliable source of truth. 

Cradle-to-Grave Product Lifecycle Management: Champion X can track projects from ideation through execution, ensuring alignment with business goals and efficient resource allocation. 

Comprehensive Financial Insights:  Accurate forecasting, budget tracking, and assessment of project viability, enhancing financial management across portfolios. 

Enhanced Project Discipline and Governance: With clear project governance and streamlined workflows, projects are executed more efficiently, reducing risks and delays. 

Scalability and Global Reach: The platform seamlessly supports projects across geographical locations, fostering collaboration and standardization of processes on a global scale. 

Strategic Decision-Making Support: Leaders can make data-driven decisions, pivot strategies as needed, and capitalize on opportunities, leading to improved project outcomes and business growth. 

Relationship with the OnePlan Team 

The partnership between Champion X and OnePlan has been characterized by collaboration and support. With a dedicated account manager, Champion X receives prompt responses to queries and enjoys a proactive approach to tool evolution. 

OnePlan’s customer focus ensures that Champion X receives tailored support, product enhancements, and proactive consulting. The organization benefits from a partnership where feedback is valued, and the platform evolves to meet evolving business needs, ensuring long-term success and ROI. 

Change Management & Adoption of OnePlan

A successful adoption of OnePlan for Champion X meant creating fit-for-purpose and value-adding tools. The executive team’s investment in the tool was crucial to drive the utilization of a single source of truth.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, Linda highlights OnePlan’s customer focus and engagement as a standout feature. OnePlan not only incorporates customer feedback into its roadmap but also offers valuable consulting to optimize tool usage for specific business needs. This tailored approach has been instrumental in Champion X’s successful innovation portfolio management journey.